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Hildegard von Bingen once said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul” . We warmly invite you today to let yourself be refreshed by the radiant faces of healthy families.

2412, 2023

No one can stop me

24. December 2023|News, OCG families, People of the OCG, Songs|

Maybe you're like me: it seems like I can't stop the world from getting worse every day. It seems like I can't stop myself from losing faith. But in the same way, no one can stop me from getting back up and taking hold of faith again! Even if we are weak, no one can stop us because God, who is above all, lives and works through us. And whatever he says gives us the strength to go on!

1112, 2023


11. December 2023|News, OCG families, People of the OCG, Songs|

Trust - a deep emotion that signals true connection, vulnerability, strength and at the same time an honest willingness to complement. What a gift it is to be surrounded by trustworthy people - and above all, to be safe and secure in your trust in the Creator of heaven and earth. This song invites you to become calm in the knowledge: You are held and carried by this God.

407, 2023

“The Power from His Rhema”

4. July 2023|News, OCG families, People of the OCG, Testimonies|

I'm sure you know that situation where you are faced with an important decision in your life and do not know which is the right way. If you are not alone in such a situation, but together with someone (e.g. as a couple), it is usually not easier, because often there are two opinions, which is now the "better" way. How good, when you're not helpless in this situation, but know that God has a rhema (current word) in every situation.

1908, 2022

Become like the children

19. August 2022|New values, News, OCG families, OCG Youth, Sasek Family, Testimonies|

On May 28, 2022, we were able to experience a wonderful online Friend's Meeting. The motto of the day was "Collective maturity". Dad spoke a lot about children in one part, how they have all the maturity – like a „germinating seed“ - in them. Jesus says it in Mark. 10:15 like this: "... Let these little children come to me, do not resist them! For to such belongs the kingdom of God." ... belongs! - Not: "... such will recognize ..."! Not: "... such will one day ..."! "To such belongs the kingdom of God."...

2006, 2022

Suddenly it’s so easy

20. June 2022|New values, News, OCG families, People of the OCG, Sasek Family, Testimonies|

Time and again, mothers ask me about our six children: at school, kindergarten or on the playground. They come with many questions and want to know how I do it. They already can't cope with their one or two children and are at their wit's end. What must it be like with six children? That's why I'm telling you a little bit about it.

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