19 08, 2022

Become like the children

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On May 28, 2022, we were able to experience a wonderful online Friend's Meeting. The motto of the day was "Collective maturity". Dad spoke a lot about children in one part, how they have all the maturity – like a „germinating seed“ - in them. Jesus says it in Mark. 10:15 like this: "... Let these little children come to me, do not resist them! For to such belongs the kingdom of God." ... belongs! - Not: "... such will recognize ..."! Not: "... such will one day ..."! "To such belongs the kingdom of God."...

1 07, 2022

Wakpa, The River

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Wakpa means "river" in the Lakota Indian language. It symbolizes the nature of our life. Like the river, we spring from a source and have a great purpose. The river pushes forward steadfastly, overcoming every barrier, watering, changing and giving life to its surroundings. Realized with breathtaking images, indian instruments and recorded by a Lakota Native American, this song wants to call us all to be a part of this change ourselves.

7 06, 2022

Simultaneously acting with God’s impulses!

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I'm really excited about Friend's Meeting 2022! 😊 Here is an electrifying quote: "The highest enjoyment in life that you can experience is the uninterrupted flowing along, observing, speaking together with, and acting at the same time - just going along with God simultaneously, with the mature Spirit that works in you. And I tell you, there is no higher feeling of life, there is no higher profit than exactly this direct connection upward."

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