OCG – Commitment

The dictionary describes commitment as a virtue in the interpersonal sphere. Commitment is an essential part of human interaction…


If you want to become a professional football or soccer player, you have to train 6-7 times a week, you have to adapt your diet and lifestyle to your top performance. A football team only functions with reliable interaction in the team. Without the commitment of each individual, no winner’s trophy.


Committed training and perseverance characterize every good musician. In an orchestra even more commitment is needed. Without common and committed rehearsals and accurate perception of ones fellow musicians, no enthusiastic concert audience…


Binding traffic rules and whopping fines if you don’t follow them make for a safer driving experience. It takes reliable compliance by everyone to get us to our destination safely.

Marriage & Family

In order for a life of harmonious coexistence to be possible, commitment is needed. In a marriage, two people say to each other from the bottom of their hearts: “YES, from now on I will live together with you in a committed way. We will go through thick & thin together – in good times and bad.”

Swarm Power

How can we function together as the Christ-organism? The animals teach us. For example, how can billions of crickets change direction in 0.6 seconds? Swarm life is based on a very simple life prin-ciple: a commitment to flowing along with the actions of God or life…

On every level of our lives, commitment is the key to success. Voluntary commitment coming from one’s counterpart from the bottom of the heart meets the deepest need of every human being in the innermost core.

The people in the OCG work together like an organism and this results in accomplishing unique achievements that the world has never seen before. This in a heart-felt togetherness and an atmosphere that is second to none!

Experience commitment in practice! E.g. at a swarm during our large conferences.

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