OCG – Christ-Organism-Generation

OCG stands for Christ-Organism-Generation. The OCG is not a denomination or church. It’s not a movement founded in Switzerland but a spiritual reality.

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Sense and goal of the OCG

The OCG leads every type of human being, regardless of our backgrounds, back to perfect unity, to swarm intelligence, to the natural law of intuition. Because not only animals have instincts, but also we humans. Not only ants, bees, birds and other swarms have a swarm intelligence, but also humans.

The OCG proves this with thousands of different people across all religions, churches, political camps, science, cultures, etc.

This generation of ours is docking on to what you could call the Divine Alpha Matrix in a very practical way. Exactly how does this work? Ivo Sasek explained this, first of all from a Christian viewpoint in 26 books, almost 2,000 lectures, 9 feature films, etc.

The OCG does not keep up member lists, because there is no membership in the common sense. The OCG exists in heart commitment, in a deep awareness of the togetherness of all people of this world. Humanity is a living organism with many different organs, each of which esteems, needs and therefore complements each other. New declarations of accountability from all parts of the world, from more than 200 countries, from more than 40 languages are constantly reaching us.

Countless people of this generation are recognizing their organic togetherness and that each cell of the human organism is existentially dependent on the other. The OCG, for this reason, proclaims an unconditional love for all people, as well as unconditional honesty, truth and openness.

This emerging generation is no longer dependent on contracts or even on commercial connections, payments and the like, nor does it rely on such things.

People of this present generation are in the process of following the call of the Alpha Matrix. So OCG is not a “church,” but a heaven-made movement that makes the current generation aware that it is a living organism. It is a movement that arises everywhere “by itself”. So this organism is innumerable and, like every ant-state, etc., lives from a universally effective and higher perception. Just as no ant, bee or other swarm has a ruler over it, yet at the same time and in everything knows exactly what to do, this is increasingly happening among us humans.

OCG is not dependent on Ivo Sasek or his co-workers. OCG is just a collective term for what is currently happening everywhere in the world, each group independently of each other – in parallel – in this entire generation. It is happening among all religions, cultures, political directions, etc. It’s about an era event, not a church, not something humanly feasible, organizational, controllable.

The new world is without money

Ivo Sasek and the OCG have served not only Switzerland, but also Germany and Austria for over 35 years free of charge. Together with his teams, Ivo Sasek has rehabilitated thousands of people for free, from drug and alcohol addiction and psychological needs of all kinds. The government, the surrounding governments were not called on for a single cent, for these non-profit services, nor was tax exemption demanded. On the contrary, taxes were even paid on every already taxed voluntary donation again. The OCG serves the state or all these governments out of voluntary love and recognition. We all need each other and cannot live without each other. The OCG demonstrates how a democracy can effortlessly develop from its infancy to maturity – we love and promote every true democracy but expose insidious sham democracies.

Living together organically

The purpose of the OCG is, metaphorically speaking, to function in the same way as a healthy human organism. Just as every human body is made up of a wide variety of organs and yet forms one single unity, so every individual, beginning in one’s own family, should interact complementarily with their neighbors. Differences mean completion and not competition. Organic life means a mutually giving and serving and not a mutually dominating and exploiting life. Giving is more blessed than taking! The basis of this organic life should be a constant life in truth and openness, in justice and in peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. The OCG avoids any form of spiritual extremism and division. Just as the body urgently needs every single organ, so people in Christ urgently need each other!

OCG Outreach

All OCG outreach is aimed at restoring broken marriages, families and individuals and bringing them into harmonious balance with the whole. All services, including OCG work and teaching materials, are provided free of charge and without fundraising. Funding is provided by the active members of the OCG, who carry out these activities at their own desire and on their own responsibility. The OCG does not want any subsidies from the state or in any other binding way. Everything should happen out of free will and selfless love.

Organic Christ Generation is a service of love for all confessions and denominations. All the people who have been helped voluntarily are now volunteers, helping other people get back on their feet. Thousands are able to work again, pay taxes, raise families, and live normal lives… OCG works into the churches and communities, not out of them. Whoever shares these intentions of the OCG, should get up and stand in the gap, together with all those who are called to do the same.

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