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OCG Youth

Lifelike and close to the heart, children and young people tell about their lives and how they live out the sermons of Ivo Sasek and the OCG in everyday life. Exciting and refreshing to read – an encouragement to fearlessly trust in God in everything.

1306, 2024

I AM the new world

13. June 2024|

In this issue, even children and young people show you how they live and apply the new world in their everyday lives! When everyone starts to BE the new world, it grows further and further and faster and faster.

403, 2024

The lost shoes

4. March 2024|

It was the first day I could go to kindergarten. In the morning, when mom got me ready in time, we noticed that I only had one each of my sandals and sneakers left...

203, 2024

Being different is fun

2. March 2024|

This summer, many new children joined us in the first kindergarten group. They are caterpillars, and I have now become a "butterfly" (that's the big ones in the second year of kindergarten). I really enjoy being a role model in kindergarten...

2802, 2024

Speak out

28. February 2024|

A lot of people tell me that I'm a "bright spark". I can also make my siblings laugh quite well. Dad and mom say that I'm a "happiness hormone" (I don't know what that is, but I think it's something great 😊).

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