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2412, 2023

No one can stop me

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Maybe you're like me: it seems like I can't stop the world from getting worse every day. It seems like I can't stop myself from losing faith. But in the same way, no one can stop me from getting back up and taking hold of faith again! Even if we are weak, no one can stop us because God, who is above all, lives and works through us. And whatever he says gives us the strength to go on!

1112, 2023


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Trust - a deep emotion that signals true connection, vulnerability, strength and at the same time an honest willingness to complement. What a gift it is to be surrounded by trustworthy people - and above all, to be safe and secure in your trust in the Creator of heaven and earth. This song invites you to become calm in the knowledge: You are held and carried by this God.

612, 2023

Peace in Practice

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Peace is sung about, made, negotiated and ... unfortunately often broken again. However, humanity's cry for peace and justice is not getting any quieter! Ivo Sasek, founder of the Christ Organism Generation, Kla.TV, AZK and many more, and his international OCG team have discovered a secret with 1000s of people whose backgrounds could not be more different: how true world peace can be practiced collectively, starting with the smallest of things. Come and see - we'll tell you about it ...

3110, 2023


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Being connected means being a small part of the big picture; like a tree that only thrives and bears fruit in symbiosis with the earth, the sun and the rain: an exchange of taking and giving. Many individual different parts that only together form a unity and bring forth life, connected to this creative power, this life-giving energy; connected to everyone and everything.

407, 2023

BE CAREFUL what you say!

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"God always says YES! To every single confession of mine - no matter if out of faith or out of unbelief. He always and exclusively says YES to it." (internal message of Sept. 3, 2022) Uhgg! If that's true, then I have to immediatly watch out what I say!!! Do you know how many more things come out of my mouth, where God just says YES to it because I said so? For example, "I'll never get it right." He says, "Yes!" "I'm always the problem" "Yes!" "Life is really sad ..." "Yes!" "I think I'm sick", "Yes!" etc.

407, 2023

“The Power from His Rhema”

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I'm sure you know that situation where you are faced with an important decision in your life and do not know which is the right way. If you are not alone in such a situation, but together with someone (e.g. as a couple), it is usually not easier, because often there are two opinions, which is now the "better" way. How good, when you're not helpless in this situation, but know that God has a rhema (current word) in every situation.

407, 2023

Prophetic ministry in the 21st century

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For as long as I can remember, the same scene has repeated itself over and over again on our family vacations. At some point we just sit until late at night and listen to the most exciting stories from the time when we were still in diapers or did not even exist. One question follows the last one and again and again something new comes up, so that you 'feel like' you had never heard this before.

2006, 2023

International Friends Meeting 2023

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Ivo Sasek and his international team have set new standards with the 2023 International Friends Meeting and now you can be part of it! When thousands of Friends from over 46 countries tune into the webcam stadium, you feel an incomparable power, energy and new courage: “Together we can create peace in this world!” The 3-part Talk of Kla.TV Founder Ivo Sasek is a “must” for all who are ready for something new! Kla.TV presents this unforgettable day – simultaneously translated into 10 languages. Let yourself get carried away and experience this day again with us.

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