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1803, 2023

Millennium of Peace

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For thousands of years we have known from prophecy that a “Millenni-um of Peace” will come. From the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come … on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10) we learned that this kingdom is not going to be in heaven, but on earth. Since the whole universe, according to the Holy Scriptures, is breathlessly awaiting this highly esteemed “Millennium of Peace”, then how has it happened that we Christians have made everyone believe that “going to heaven” is our highest aim? In fact, all the heavens yearn to come down to earth!

1812, 2022

Perverted Justice – United Duty

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First Ivo Sasek explains why healthy organs do by no means guarantee a healthy functioning body, then he reveals hidden connections about why, despite serious Corona crimes being reported worldwide, no justice system has so far really bothered to prosecute the "reported arsonists" - but many of those who have "reported" this "fire" have been persecuted.

2510, 2022

Returning to what I already am

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In the message "Collective Maturity" Ivo says about this: "When the Bible talks about 'rebirth', it means: You have to recover, accept what is already in your cradle as a child. You just have to return to what you already are." (See Titus 3:15) Instead of looking back at the past and feeling guilty about all my mistakes, I am now practicing to return to what God put in me from the beginning: His divine maturity, His divine nature.

1908, 2022

Become like the children

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On May 28, 2022, we were able to experience a wonderful online Friend's Meeting. The motto of the day was "Collective maturity". Dad spoke a lot about children in one part, how they have all the maturity – like a „germinating seed“ - in them. Jesus says it in Mark. 10:15 like this: "... Let these little children come to me, do not resist them! For to such belongs the kingdom of God." ... belongs! - Not: "... such will recognize ..."! Not: "... such will one day ..."! "To such belongs the kingdom of God."...

107, 2022

Wakpa, The River

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Wakpa means "river" in the Lakota Indian language. It symbolizes the nature of our life. Like the river, we spring from a source and have a great purpose. The river pushes forward steadfastly, overcoming every barrier, watering, changing and giving life to its surroundings. Realized with breathtaking images, indian instruments and recorded by a Lakota Native American, this song wants to call us all to be a part of this change ourselves.

2006, 2022

Suddenly it’s so easy

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Time and again, mothers ask me about our six children: at school, kindergarten or on the playground. They come with many questions and want to know how I do it. They already can't cope with their one or two children and are at their wit's end. What must it be like with six children? That's why I'm telling you a little bit about it.

906, 2022

COLLECTIVE MATURITY – International Friends Meeting 2022 (with Ivo Sasek)

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This 3-part presentation by Kla-TV founder Ivo Sasek is a “must-see” for all those who long for perfected humanity in its entirety. The inexhaustible potential of true humanity is unleashed here. Religious and philosophical blockades are overcome, and real dispositions innate in all of us are awakened to new life. With connections from 51 countries, the online conference reached more people than ever before. Embedded in a lovingly prepared supporting program with live transmission in 8 languages, this day became an unforgettable event for every viewer!

706, 2022

Simultaneously acting with God’s impulses!

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I'm really excited about Friend's Meeting 2022! 😊 Here is an electrifying quote: "The highest enjoyment in life that you can experience is the uninterrupted flowing along, observing, speaking together with, and acting at the same time - just going along with God simultaneously, with the mature Spirit that works in you. And I tell you, there is no higher feeling of life, there is no higher profit than exactly this direct connection upward."

206, 2022

I can’t, but I WANT to …!

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Elias and I became happy parents of a second sweet daughter, on January 22, 2022. For me it was the biggest and at the same time most beautiful change so far 😊. But since Janice Levia's arrival, I just couldn't manage my household, the OCG concerns and all the other work at all. At least not in the way I wanted...

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