“The Power from His Rhema”

Testimony of OCG’er Micha & Jeannine B. (CH, 28 and 25 y.)

I’m sure you know that situation where you are faced with an important decision in your life and do not know which is the right way. If you are not alone in such a situation, but together with someone (e.g. as a couple), it is usually not easier, because often there are two opinions, which is now the “better” way. How good, when you’re not helpless in this situation, but know that God has a rhema (current word) in every situation.

This happened to us when we were about to welcome our second child. Our baby was in no hurry and it was already the eighth day after the due date. In the hospital, the doctors told me (Jeannine) that from the tenth day after the due date, the birth should be induced, because the mortality of the baby increases sharply from that day on. I left the hospital quite intimidated and confused, as we were looking forward to a natural birth with natural onset of labor (our first child was born by cesarean section). When we drove home together, I (Micha) noticed that my wife was not feeling well and asked her what was bothering her. When she told me the story, I countered and said that doctors often exaggerate and that we can safely wait a little longer until the baby comes. The effect of this answer was just as depressing as the conversation with the doctors. In the end, we both sat in the car, disagreeing and feeling pretty down. When we arrived home, we sat down and thought about how this situation could have come about. Suddenly I (Micha) got the impulse that we both had had no rhema about what we should do in this situation, but had only weighed it on a human basis: which way should we go – what was better(induce birth or wait)?

So we decided to go into the silence and receive from the Lord what His current word was into this situation. It didn’t take long and we were both at peace again in Jesus. We had both received the same thing (which is always the case with God, by the way 🙂 ) and felt a shared peace that we would wait to initiate the birth. We were able to embrace each other again – unified – afterwards and thanked God for His current word in just this situation, which saves us from all our own paths and decisions.

One day later, Jeannine went into labor and the conversation with the doctors about induction was unnecessary. We were very happy and two days later we were able to hold our little son Jonas Elian in our arms. Although the birth went on for quite a long time, we felt constantly carried, because we knew that in every situation and decision that came up during the birth, the Lord had a current word ready. We experienced this throughout the birth. The four of us are now practice receiving His rhema/word into every situation, even in the less drastic decisions.


Yours Micha and Jeannine with Leonie Zoé and Jonas Elian

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