6 12, 2023

Peace in Practice

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Peace is sung about, made, negotiated and ... unfortunately often broken again. However, humanity's cry for peace and justice is not getting any quieter! Ivo Sasek, founder of the Christ Organism Generation, Kla.TV, AZK and many more, and his international OCG team have discovered a secret with 1000s of people whose backgrounds could not be more different: how true world peace can be practiced collectively, starting with the smallest of things. Come and see - we'll tell you about it ...

13 04, 2023

Organism – Divine Navigation in the Here and Now

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Organic life - what is meant by it and is it possible at all? Ivo Sasek explains how a living human organism works and talks about the core principles and experiences of the Organic Christ Generation. Where egoistic individualism is transformed into mature individuality and the view beyond one's own nose shows that we need and depend on each other, that is where organic life begins. But how is it possible to work together as a big human family? Here you get an answer to it ...

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