OCG.life – Peace in Practice

Peace is sung about, made, negotiated and… unfortunately often broken again. However, humanity’s cry for peace and justice is not getting any quieter! Ivo Sasek, founder of the Christ Organism Generation, Kla.TV, AZK and many more, and his international OCG team have discovered a secret with 1000s of people whose backgrounds could not be more different: how true world peace can be practiced collectively, starting with the smallest of things. Come and see – we’ll tell you about it…

Perhaps you are wondering how the OCG works and how we work together? In this film you will learn more about topics such as evaluation and visitor days, life as an organism in practice, the voluntary teamwork of young and old and how harmonious living together in marriage and family is possible.

“Peace is not a human pipe dream. Peace is God’s heavenly governing body, through which God guides us with his effective power as humanity. For as Gandhi said: “Peace is not a distant goal, peace is the way!” (Quote from the movie)


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