I AM the new world –

Introduction to the Junior Oil Tree April 2024, by Ruth-Elpida (24 y.)

Dear children and teenagers!

I recently went shopping in a super cheap store. There are so many things there that you can’t get cheaper anywhere else, for the office, household, decoration, kitchen, and so on. It just makes shopping so much more fun, especially at a time when everything is getting more and more expensive! At the checkout, I noticed that there was no sign on the conveyor belt separating the products I wanted to buy from the products the lady behind me had put on the conveyor belt. I winked at the cashier and told her that I was also paying for the purchase of the lady behind me. I don’t know what it was, but I just suddenly felt so happy about it. 😊 It wasn’t much at all, but the lady behind me was completely beside herself: “No, that there is such a thing! I’ve never experienced that before! I’ll definitely never forget you again…!” The people around us all had big smiles on their faces, and for a moment it felt like the world could just be so beautiful!

I am aware that I have not saved the world 😉 But it actually helped me at that moment to continue to believe in this new world that we have been building for years. A world in which everyone looks out for each other first and is overjoyed themselves. A world where everyone starts the change with themselves first, instead of complaining about the next person. A world in which truth, peace and justice prevail.

That sounds like a long way to go. But if everyone starts to BE the new world within themselves, it will grow further and further and faster and faster. In this issue, even children and young people show you how they live and apply this new world in their everyday lives! I wish you lots of inspiration for your own everyday life as you read.


Ruth Elpida

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