The lost shoes

from Amina F. (5 y.) and Mom, December 2023

Hello, I am Amina. I would like to tell you about a wonderful experience.

I often despair very quickly when something doesn’t work or when I think I can’t do it. Then I complain or groan ☹. BUT my mom told me that I can always choose which role I want to play. For example, I can choose the role of Jonah in the ship, who is in dispair about going to the city of Nineveh, and then he almost drowns in the ocean. Or I can choose the role of Joseph, who is not desperate at all, even though so many bad things happened to him. In the end, he became as powerful as the king.

I experienced something. It was the first day I could go to kindergarten. In the morning, when mom got me ready in time, we noticed that I only had one each of my sandals and sneakers left. The second shoe was always lost. ☹ Mom told me to look for them quickly. But then I immediately got exasperated because I didn’t know where to look for these sandals and sneakers and so I couldn’t find them at all. Then Mom told me that I could change roles right now, just like Grandpa Ivo said in the sermon. Then I did that. I changed roles in my heart and believed that I could find these shoes now and searched very quickly. Then Jesus showed me where to find the sandal. It was hidden under the big Lego box 😊. Full of joy, I jumped over to my mom with it. She was sooo happy and said that I would surely find the single sneaker now. And I really did find it! 😊 It’s been hiding in my bedside drawer. Yay yay yay, I found both shoes. Mom and I were sooo happy!!! I only found them because I changed roles! I then happily went to kindergarten.

Do you want to try changing roles when you are desperate? There are many stories about this in the Bible.


Your Amina

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