Pushed to the source

by Anni Sasek, December 2023

Ever since our Anna-Sophia was a little girl, she had a favorite saying that she kept repeating: “Everything can be solved by the word!” By this she meant that the current and also the old messages of her dad’s apostolic-prophetic ministry simply contain EVERYTHING for her, and whenever she stays in these words, all her small and bigger problems simply dissolve. That’s exactly what I could say about myself – all these decades! Whenever I “went searching” inwardly and wanted to “solve” any worries or problems “first” before dealing with the Word, I would end up exhausted and return to my sermon notes and realize: “Man, where was I? I would have had everything I needed from this …!” Ultimately, it is always the contact with God himself, with the source, that resolves all questions and problems and it is precisely in these words, which are given to us through the ministry that these encounters with God are revealed to us more deeply. That is why not a day goes by when I do not worship and thank God for his ministry. He has opened up the source for me by putting the fragrance in my nose, so that I can feel for MYSELF what God is saying to me.

I’ve always felt like a little lamb that doesn’t know which way to go but is constantly being gently nudged towards the source by the ewe (God). Just when I stuck my head under the fence again and thought: “Maybe I really need those particular herbs that only grow over there …”, that gentle nudge came again.

What exactly did that look like?

  • For example, when I had our first baby, I really wanted to do it right and do it well. I had borrowed a nice book with lots of baby advice from a friend and wanted to do everything exactly like those who know how. And the very first piece of advice I read was that a “clever mother” takes her baby in her arms at every peep, breastfeeds and then goes back to sleep wonderfully… – while the “bad mother” gets him used to a rhythm. Wow! I had to close the book right away. What opposite guidance we had just experienced and how much peace and harmonious daily routines we had reaped – together with our baby! I felt like I was immediately pushed away from this book, back to the source – to Himself and His guidance!
  • Now we lived in Walzenhausen. The Bible school was in this village and with it so many young mothers: “I could talk to all of them about raising children and learn from their experiences with the children!” The wife of one of Ivo’s friends took me along to her women’s meeting, and I was so pleased that I was no longer alone as a mother! The leader of the meeting greeted me and told me right at the beginning in front of everyone, that I was not welcome there … ☹. Because I belonged to a different group, I had no connection to them 😐. I was pushed away again! But not by them, but by the Lord! So I was allowed to learn to listen to Him and to be at the source of all the educational issues together with Ivo.
  • The family grew and I loved cooking for them. But wait! The nutrition – be careful what you feed them, it’s not all that healthy! I decided to put the exciting nutritional explanations into practice that the local preacher’s wife had given me: all whole grains, as raw as possible, no sugar – it really appealed to me and I made an appointment with her so that she could introduce me to everything. In the meantime, she had already changed her diet: “ONLY potatoes, all grains damage the tendons of animals – which means us too!” was her explanation. Again I got the slap on the fingers and was pulled from under the fence by the ewe and pushed to the source: Lord, how do YOU want me to cook and prepare food? What is good for us? What are YOU speaking to me?
  • It was exactly the same with the births. I have already experienced three births where the Lord had helped so wonderfully. Miracle after miracle and all at home! It’s clear from the start that I won’t be going to hospital for my fourth birth! I’m more afraid of that, because the stories my older midwife has already told me – no thanks! I’d rather be at home again. And again – I get a slap on my fingers! Better said: no peace and no midwife could be found! Did HE say that? Again I am nudged to the source: What do YOU mean, Lord? Where are YOU in this birth? Only then did peace come and with it a midwife, together with my willingness to be wherever HE is.
  • A thousand questions: What about the vaccinations for the babies? We were led to the source there too, followed our unrest and did nothing unless we felt God’s peace in it. We only heard about the devastating effects, sudden infant death syndrome or disabilities associated with vaccinations much later.
  • How do we deal with the finances? What are you doing, Lord? Same question again – the answers came straight from the source: We’ve pretty much been led exactly opposite of the rest of the world in every single way 😊.

In the meantime, I’m not even drawn near the fence anymore, because I know I’ll get ” a little slap on the fingers” … I won’t find anything there! I’d rather go straight to the source: LORD, what do YOU say to me on this matter? What is my/our personal directive in life? What is MY rhema?

As I wandered through the decades in my thoughts, an infinite number of examples came to mind and the most precious privilege of always being led to the source, especially through this ministry!

I feel a never-ending increase in strength when we all live like this as an organism and allow ourselves to be pushed towards the source in everything and everyone.

Yes, even instead of suspecting or looking for all sorts of things behind the fence, it is better to recognize that the ministry’s word was received for us in the first place – to lead us to the source!

A wonderful life, directly at the source!

With grateful greetings,

Your Anni

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