The way out: Step by step HIM

Newsletter article by Anni Sasek

It is really unbelievable what is going on right now in our world – which has become so cold. I can honestly say that there is no morning where I do not wake up and right away, I’m looking into the face of a monster that has about a hundred names: It’s called: Corona lie, mass deception, restriction, total surveillance, lockdown, mandatory masking, job loss, expropriation, media defamation, character assassination, politics of lies, compulsory vaccination, organized state crime, financial fraud, exclusion, division of the population, dictation of opinion, ban on freedom of speech, ban on assembly, violation of human rights, robbery of physical integrity, education, enslavement, human experiments, population reduction, murder, torture methods, vaccination side effects, vaccination deaths, slander, chipping, internment camps … Death! Do you think I see everything a bit too negatively or do you notice it already? Who would have thought that e.g. one and a half years ago, I as a healthy person, who has never caused any costs to the health care system (not even with eleven births – not even a single hospitalization), that I am now excluded from the entire public life “for health reasons”, because I do not want to give myself an untested gene vaccination?

Gloom, depression and hopelessness are so close to me in view of all these things. Countless people have been like this since Corona, simply putting an end to their lives in this hopelessness. I would guess: The suicide rate is probably higher than the number of Corona deaths, better said: Are they not ultimately mostly flu deaths (normal influenza, which has always existed), if you remove the accidents, terminal cancer patients, lung patients, etc. again from the statistics figures …? Please excuse my cynicism, but I could now list a number of Kla.TV programs by high-ranking experts, scientists, doctors or even IT computer geniuses with statistics etc… Perhaps for you just the simple test question: Are you still allowed to fall ill with a simple flu?

Yes, after this small digression: How should I still begin my day there, if already just after waking up, I look into the eyes of this monster of destruction, that is  – now more and more visibly for all – attacking the whole world population!?

You know what, it usually doesn’t take much more than five to ten minutes (unfortunately, it has sometimes taken me a little longer … 😉 ) and I stand in the presence of God, feel carried on heavenly hands and can talk to my God about everything. I see ways out, solutions, approaches, I am in creative prayer for all my loved ones, the OCG, even for the whole world. I actually take new courage and yet cheerfully set out again on a new day’s work. How is such a thing possible?

I really, REALLY (!!!) owe this to the apostolic-prophetic ministry of Ivo. Not a day goes by that I am not wholeheartedly grateful for this priceless treasure!

It is simply unbelievable what we were allowed to receive just by the past online conference with the topic “You are Gods”, again for the practice of ways out and solution approaches of this dilemma!!!

This online meeting was full of original text revelations of biblical passages from the Greek language, which gave total courage and new perspective.

It seems that someone must have been interested in making very small, for the time being insignificant changes to Bible texts, but unfortunately with great effect on our lives … (I won’t tell you more, you may explore it yourself on www.en.ocg.life/you-are-gods).

There was much more to the main theme, “You are Gods”. My heart could  gain a deep foothold in it. Every day I can stay in these revealed realities and not lose courage, because it is all for putting into practice, for everyday life  here and now.

Quote: “One of the most central secrets, what really constitutes a God-being from his innermost being, Jesus has revealed to us in this God-principle: “The Son (of God) can do nothing, nothing at all – yes, not ONE thing out of himself!” (Joh. 5,19) … Here HE has declared how you can live! … You always do only what you see HIM doing, hear Him talking … you realize it immediately before you do it, just like you live with your body … this will become more and more blatant – HE will show more and more.”

“Gods are weaker than all other people, but that is precisely their secret … You can do nothing, not ONE thing, outside of God!”

This is my personal way out: step by step HIM! Seeing what HE does in every moment and also in this tricky matter. And be it that it means resistance, further persecution or slander, exclusion or more.

With HIM – in HIM, we are able to do EVERYTHING! Together as one humanity-organism and also as an OCG-organism we have received next concrete steps, because one thing remains clear: The chains and the abyss are predicted for the monster and not for us.

Don’t just sit twiddling your thumbs, alone. Only as God’s body/organism is there this way out. We’ll demonstrate to you in the everyday life beginning: Step by step – HIM, all the way to overcoming really big things!

Hearty greetings,

Your Anni

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