Simultaneously acting with God’s impulses!

Newsletter article by Anna-Sophia, 25 yrs.

I’m really excited about Friend’s Meeting 2022! 😊

Here is an electrifying quote:

“The highest enjoyment in life that you can experience is the uninterrupted flowing along, observing, speaking together with, and acting at the same time – just going along with God simultaneously, with the mature Spirit that works in you. And I tell you, there is no higher feeling of life, there is no higher profit than exactly this direct connection upward.”

In this presentation Dad showed us that we can change the whole world together if EVERYONE has this mature upward-connection! And this maturity of Spirit begins with everyone personally in the little things of everyday life, where thinngs might start to look a little bit more complicated…

For example, on Friday the phone rang and I was asked to help with a spontaneous “painting job” for Saturday. Usually I love spontaneous actions and really enjoy helping out. But with this request I felt a sense of unwillingness in me. I had planned to tackle a project on our balcony that Saturday, which had been waiting for me for a long time. Instead of connecting this effect in me with faith – believing that this is the Lord and He has prepared an unspeakably better way, I suppressed the impulse in me.

I thought, “Well, I’d like to help and show that I’m flexible and happy to put my own projects on the back burner.” But, then when we started that painting job, we realized that somehow the whole thing didn’t quite add up. There were way too few of us and we ended up getting home really late in the evening, sore muscles included 😊 haha. Later it turns out that someone else really wanted to come to this painting project, but thought that he was not needed … I realized that when this impulse came, I did not “same-talk, same-act” with the Lord. If I had stood by this „effect“ or sense of unwillingness, we would have realized that someone else could have taken my place! We could have called more to join us, until we all had peace. Even if in the end I might have ended up joining in too – it would have been an experience of trusting and flowing along with God!

After this, I consecrated myself anew to the Lord and established that the Lord expresses Himself in us, through EFFECTS, through IMPULSES from the Spirit and that HE can also stand by these effects in me, no matter how it turns out – PERIOD.

With this expectation, I went back to my daily routine. There was a big

web-conference announced. Beforehand though, I could spontaneously discuss everything with Lois, so that I didn’t have to participate at all. Although an inner stress was already coming up in me, I simply spoke out this effect: “Lois, I feel an unwillingness to attend this web-conference tonight . I just wanted to get that out on the table.” Lois immediately confirmed that she also felt that I wasn’t needed there. Then, when I went over to Mom’s later on and in the kitchen, I noticed that she had a lot of packing and lunch preparing to do for a mission event. I got such a joy out of helping her. She would have had to fix everything by herself until late in the evening because everyone else was in web-conferences. So we had such a flow together, HUGE joy and were done in no time!

I was able to experience the same glory of “uninterrupted flowing along, observing, speaking in unison, acting at the same time” in the Friend’s Meeting post-production. Together with many editors and other helpers, I was able to edit the Friend’s Meeting and get it ready for publishing on Kla.TV.

Despite all the many things to take care of, after the film processing, I felt as if I had just come back from a vacation 😊. But that was only because I could entrust myself more and more, believing the effects and impulses and at the same time practice this uninterrupted flowing along, speaking simultaneously, observing and acting at the same time. WOW!!! I could even list off more examples here! … and I can just say: “There is no higher feeling of life, there is no higher profit than exactly this direct connection upwards.”

your Anna-Sophia

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